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Brief History of the Northeast Region Inc. 

Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc grew and geographical regions became necessary.  In 1946, the Boule' (National           meeting) established a committee to divide the states into regional districts. In October 1952, the Northeast        Region was established at the 7th Boule in Philadelphia, PA under Supreme Basileus, Anita K. Bass.              

In March 1953, the Northeast Region became the first officially organized region of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc.      This historic event took place at Provident Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland.  At its inception, the region had seven  graduate chapters and one undergraduate chapter.  As of January 2016, there are 25 graduate chapters and 17 undergraduate chapters.  The representatives of the constituent chapters elect the Regional Director,                  who serves as the executive agent.  Providing guidance and direction for the chapters is one of the major       duties of the office.                                                                                                                                      

Our first Regional Director, Maezell D. Dickerson, of Gamma Chapter lead an outstanding organization.               Thorough the years, subsequent Directors have followed a steady course in developing innovative programs          and the awarding of financial gifts to worthy charitable groups.       

The Northeast Region of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc became Incorporated April 13, 2012.                                                    

Past Regional Directors


1953                            Maezell D. Dickerson*                        Gamma

1955                            Thelma Harris  *                                  Alpha

1957                            Grace C. Robinson *                           Alpha

1960                            Claudia Gerald *                                  Omicron

1964                            Mabel V. Hawkins *                             Gamma

1969                            Gloria Cheatham *                              Tau

1971                            Zoella Y. Baker *                                 Theta

1975                            Dana Y. Lopez *                                  Theta Chi

1979                            Fostine Riddick Roach*                       Eta

1981                            Helen Murray*                                     Theta Chi

1985                            Louise G. James *                               Omicron

1989                            Annie Wardlaw Griffin *                       Omicron

1993                            Margaret E. Bailey*                             Alpha

1998                            Sandra Fisher                                     Theta Chi

2001                            Brenda F. Taylor                                  Zeta

2004                            Constance H. Sumner                         Theta

2008                            Gwendylon E. Johnson                       Alpha

2012                             Deborah C. Stamps                            Beta Chi Chi



Northeast Region Inc. of Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc.                                                                  Dedicated to "Service For Humanity"

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